Vasyli + Dananberg

1st MPJ Dysfunction Device

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The Vasyli Signature Dananberg is a full length heat mouldable EVA device with a low met-dome and intrinsic rearfoot medial post which provides moderate pronation control. Features two removable 1st ray plugs to assist in maximising 1st ray function. A cushioned mid-layer and a suede top cover make this a popular choice for both sports and everyday footwear.


  • 6° intrinsic rearfoot medial post
  • Medium density EVA device
  • 3 mm Polyurethane cushioned mid-layer
  • Heat mouldable
  • Low 2-4 met-dome
  • Removable 1st ray & 1st met-head plugs
  • Suede top cover
  • Sorbon heel & PU forefoot cushioning
  • Self-adhesive Sorbon additions included
  • Customisable with Vasyli Additions

Recommended For

  • Mild - moderate pronation
  • Medium arch profile
  • Functional Hallux Limitus
  • Plantarflexed 1st ray
  • Casual and sports footwear

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