What We Do

Our product range is extensive consisting of custom made orthoses, stock orthotic devices, footwear and offloading products. We exclusively deal with medical practitioners working in a wide range of fields including sports medicine, orthopaedics, offloading & wound care, paediatrics, MSK, rheumatology, special needs and neurological deficits. We have always taken a very practical, common sense and cost effective approach to product selection. This ensures that there are always multiple options available to our customers, no matter the budget.

We have been manufacturing a wide range of Custom Made Orthotic Devices to practitioner's individual prescriptions for over 20 years. Our fully custom devices are manufactured using traditional handmade techniques and modern CAD CAM (Computer Aided Design & Manufacture) methods. We also manufacture semi-custom devices using prefabricated Carbonflex shells and simple Prescription Insoles.

Our technical service team boast a combined knowledge of prescription, assessment, gait analysis, biomechanics and medical knowledge, alongside 20 years of manufacturing experience. This enables our Technical Support Team to offer assistance to practitioners on device selection and prescription, for even the most complex of patients. Although we cannot actually prescribe devices for our customers, we are happy to share our knowledge and suggestions. We are constantly expanding our range and this technical support service is one of the primary means of learning about new products. Contact our Technical Support Team for assistance.

We stock a large and ever-expanding range of off-the-shelf products. Our medical knowledge along with twenty years of industry experience helps us to select a range of products that are fit for purpose. Each product is individually evaluated to ensure that our product descriptions are accurate and relevant. We have an extensive range of more than 30 types of stock orthotic devices to choose from. Our range consists of products from highly reputable brands such as VasyliX-Line and SalfordInsole. We offer an extensive range of orthopaedic Footwear & Hosiery from Dr. ComfortPodartis and Vionic. Offloading is now recognised as the key factor in both the prevention and management of foot ulcers. Our comprehensive selection of Offloading and Wound Care solutions include Aircast walkersDARCO rockers shoes and Even-ups.

We also have an extensive customer training area where you can learn more about how to prescribe all types of devices, measure for footwear and casting. View our detailed step-by-step guides and videos on patient assessment and prescription. We also conduct regular educational seminars and courses at various destinations around the country. These courses are expansive and suitable for many types of practitioners, working with various patient profiles, with differing levels of experience. Programs are aimed at providing up-to-date training on biomechanical assessment, lower-limb biomechanics and prescription of orthotic devices, footwear, offloading devices and rehabilitation products. Find out more about our latest course news here.

Our dedicated sales team provide in-house training and product demonstrations upon request. This can range from a two hour update on products to a full day course covering prescriptions, casting and product information.