At PPL we pride ourselves on being the leading provider of post-graduate biomechanics courses in the country. We conduct regular educational seminars and courses at various destinations around the country. 

Our clinical course tutors are Joanne and James McKenna (PPL owners & Podiatrists), Sharon Morris (High Performance Physiotherapist & Biomechanist) from Galway City Physiotherapy and and Christine Kiernan (MSc. in Podiatry).

These courses are expansive and suitable for many types of practitioners, working with different patient profiles, with varied levels of experience. Programs are aimed at providing up-to-date training on biomechanical assessment, lower-limb biomechanics and prescription of orthotic devices, footwear, offloading devices and rehabilitation products.

We also run courses tailored to the needs of specific organisations such as the HSE & special interest groups, for which we design and present a bespoke program. 

Lower Limb Biomechanical Assessment & Prescription Writing Course

2-Day Course

This two-day course has been developed specifically for podiatrists and medical practitioners with some experience in foot orthotic device prescription. The program focuses on lower limb assessment, orthotic prescription and rehabilitation planning with a view to optimising overall kinetic and kinematic function. 

This multidisciplinary course is delivered jointly by Sharon Morris Physiotherapist (MSc Biomechanics) Galway City Physio and Joanne McKenna, (Podiatrist) and Christine Kiernan (Podiatrist).

This intensive workshop-based course a will encompass theory and practical workshops which aims to enable practitioners to: 

  • understand the principles of lower limb biomechanics and how this influences gait mechanics.
  • undertake a comprehensive biomechanical assessment including screening of the lumbopelvic hip unit, knee, ankle and foot.
  • identify pathological standing posture & gait patterns.
  • determine if orthotic therapy is required, prescribe appropriate stock or custom-made devices and add rehabilitation plans as indicated.
  • review of casting, scanning and other data capture techniques.

Applicants should hold a medical qualification of Level 7 upwards or equivalent, such as BSc. Podiatry, BSc. Physiotherapy etc.

This course costs €600 which includes lunch, tea / coffee, printed notes, a PPL Prescription Platform Kit and a free pair of Casted Custom Orthoses*. CPD point value of 14. Discounts available for recent graduates and group bookings. Contact us for further details. 
*This free pair should be used on a patient and is not intended for the delegates. The order must be sent to PPL within 30 days post-course. 

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