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At PPL we pride ourselves on being the leading provider of post-graduate biomechanics courses in the country. We conduct regular educational seminars and courses at various destinations around the country. Our educational programs are delivered by both in-house podiatrists, Joanne and James McKenna, along with Sharon Morris (High Performance Physiotherapist & Biomechanist) from Galway City Physiotherapy. These courses are expansive and suitable for many types of practitioners, working with different patient profiles, with varied levels of experience. Programs are aimed at providing up-to-date training on biomechanical assessment, lower-limb biomechanics and prescription of orthotic devices, footwear, offloading devices and rehabilitation products.

We regularly host events and courses with international guest speakers, which have included Howard Dananberg, Bill Vincenzino and most recently Dr. Jeffrey Jensen. We also run courses tailored to the needs of specific organisations such as the HSE and special interest groups, for which we design and present a bespoke program. 

Biomechanical Assessment & Prescription Writing | Two Day Intermediate Course 

This two-day course has been developed for postgraduate medical practitioners with minimal experience in orthotic prescription writing and will encompass theory and practical workshops. This multidisciplinary course is delivered jointly by Sharon Morris Physiotherapist (MSc Biomechanics) Galway City Physio and Joanne McKenna, Podiatrist. This intensive workshop-based course aims to enable practitioners to:

  • Understand the principles of functional biomechanics
  • Understand how the main functional units of the foot behave in gait
  • Undertake a comprehensive biomechanical assessment
  • Identify pathological standing posture & gait
  • Identify if orthotic therapy is required
  • Manage pathological foot posture with orthotic devices
  • Be able to determine the essential elements of a successful prescription
  • Use clinical reasoning methods to select an appropriate type of device
  • Prescribe all types of orthotic devices and casting

The objective of this course is to give practitioners the knowledge, skills, and confidence to biomechanically assess their patient, quantify the prescription, clinically reason the most appropriate type of device to prescribe, cast if appropriate and develop a treatment plan looking at all modalities available.

Our next courses will take place in the Spring of 2019. If you wish to attend, please complete the registration of interest form by following the link below. We will be in contact later in the year to confirm dates and venues for Spring 2019.

Offloading Workshops

Our Offloading Workshops have to date been attended by a large proportion of the country's offloading specialist practitioners. These have been very well received thus far and we are currently planning our next dates for 2019. The program will be mainly workshop based and focus on the prescription, fitting and application of offloading products. Before finalising dates, locations and content, we would like your advice and feedback to help us to formulate the best plan for these training sessions. If you are interested in attending an Offloading Workshop, we would be most grateful if you could complete the survey by following the link below. We thank you in advance for your assistance and look forward to hearing from you.

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