Meet the Team

Customer Services

Our friendly customer service team are always happy to assist practitioners with their orders and general queries. If they are unable to resolve an issue they ensure the query is passed through to the appropriate department. They process all daily custom manufactured and stock orders with care and attention to ensure products are delivered correctly and on time. The customer services team manage all customer deliveries and collections, and can help you to reduce postal costs by organising weekly deliveries and collections as required. To maintain the highest level of service our customer service team are regularly updated and trained in the latest product information.

Technical Support

Our technical support team have been assisting customers with the prescription and selection of products for more than twenty years, combining medical, biomechanical and prescription knowledge with manufacturing experience. The technical team work in close association with the customer service, sales, education and production teams to ensure our customers get the best product no matter how complex the patient. Every custom made device order we receive, is screened by the technical department, which acts as a safety net to ensure our customers get the products they want. The technical team also undertake all the plaster and CAD CAM design and modification work for casted orthotic devices. They oversee quality control, monitoring each product through each stage of the manufacturing process, ensuring quality in maintained. In cases where patient compliance or the desired outcome is not achieved, we are committed to working with practitioners to ensure that problems are resolved in a rapid and effective manner. The technical team reviews every device returned for alteration and guarantees a rapid four day turnaround. Even though PPL cannot prescribe devices for our customers, we are happy to share our knowledge and offer suggestions based on the information we receive.

Quality Control

Overseen by the technical team, our quality control staff maintain strict quality control protocols throughout the manufacturing process, from input of data right through to the assessment of the finished product. Our quality control staff have acquired years of experience both in the manufacture of devices and thereafter in the technical department. These strict measures, including full traceability and a computerised process flow, ensure the highest quality is consistently achieved. 

Sales, Marketing & Education

Our sales, marketing and education team ensure our customers are aware of all our services and products. The sales staff organise all our training courses, conduct customer visits, in-house training and factory tours, and regularly attend conference trade shows. The marketing staff ensure customers are regularly updated via email, brochures, social media and our comprehensive website. They can also assist customers with images and customised forms for their own marketing activities. Our sought-after post-graduate educational programs are delivered by both in-house podiatrists, Joanne and James McKenna, along with Sharon Morris (High Performance Physiotherapist & Biomechanist) from Galway City Physiotherapy. PPL also regularly hosts events and courses with international guest speakers. The team also produce PPL’s step-by-step training guides and videos, and post regular educational updates and new articles on our website. Please see our Education area for more information.


PPL production staff members are highly skilled in all aspects of orthotic device manufacture. Our senior production workers have more than ten years of experience and are responsible for the continued training and up-skilling of all technicians. They are highly skilled and care passionately about quality. They follow prescriptions and sketches carefully, ensuring components are placed correctly, postings are as prescribed and the finish is of premium quality. They pride themselves on always being on time, and not only do they always deliver within of standard turnover times, but also are able to offer a Fast Track service and speedy alterations and refurbishments.


Our accounts team ensure all of your financial transactions are dealt with securely and accurately. They are available to discuss queries regarding your account and endeavour to immediately resolve any issues which may arise. 


The stores team are responsible for all stock products received and dispatched. They provide materials, components and consumables to the factory and offices. They ensure stock levels are kept up to date to match customer demands, and label and quality checks all stock products. The stores team also manage and manufacture many of our temporary and chairside components including heel raises, insole kit components and Prescription Platforms.