Carbon Composite Shell with Multiple Heel Options

Carbonflex orthotic devices are manufactured using prefabricated 2mm composite shells, assembled as per the clinician’s prescription. They are a popular option as a lower cost alternative to fully custom orthoses. Simply send us a plaster cast, foam box or foot sketch and we will select the relevant shell size for your patient. They are available in either ¾ or full length in both standard and slimfit options. There are also a variety of heel types available; standard, slimfit, comfort fill or no heel. This customisation makes Carbonflex devices a popular choice for slim fitting footwear such as dress shoes and football boots. 


  • Prefabricated shell to fit a medium arch profile
  • 4° intrinsic rearfoot medial posting (based on a typical medium arched foot)
  • 2mm lightweight composite shell
  • Allows strength and durability, yet maintains flexibility
  • Shells are adapted to each specific prescription
  • No memory loss, shells never bottom out
  • Heat mouldable for further customisation
  • Cost effective


  • Available in ¾, cut to sulci and full length
  • 4 heel type options (standard, slimfit, no heel, comfort fill)
  • Choice of 5 top covers
  • Non-standard additions can be requested with a sketch
  • No additional cost for any combination of rearfoot and forefoot extrinsic posting

Recommended For

  • Lower cost alternative to casted orthoses
  • Most footwear including football boots
  • Moderate resistance to rearfoot pronation or supination
  • Ideal for sports activities
  • Flex quality of the shells assists medial column function


  • Not a good option for close contact device
  • Not suitable for osseous deformities
  • Maximum of 8° extrinsic rearfoot posting