Vasyli + Prior

1st MPJ Dysfunction Device

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The Vasyli Signature Prior is a suitable option for sports footwear such as football and rugby boots due to its ultra slim, low profile design and sports specific features. A 1st met recess assists with increasing 1st ray & 1st MPJ motion for high-gear propulsion.


  • Medium density, low profile EVA shell
  • Soft antibacterial top cover
  • 4 mm heel raise
  • 1st ray plantarflexor and low met dome
  • Polyurethane heel and forefoot cushioning
  • Slim fitting
  • Customisable with Vasyli Additions

Recommended For

  • Increasing 1st ray & 1st MPJ motion for high-gear propulsion
  • Shock attenuation
  • Tight posterior muscles
  • Mild to moderate pronation issues
  • Football boots

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