Vasyli + Hoke

Supination Control Device

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The Vasyli Hoke supination controlling device is the result of collaboration between Phillip Vasyli and Brian Hoke. It has been specifically designed to address the more complex and biomechanically challenging Pes Cavus foot types. A deep heel cup and lateral forefoot post assist in controlling supination and stabilising the foot. The high arch profile and equinus compensation ensure close contact for the rigid Pes Cavus foot.


  • Neutral rearfoot
  • Medium density EVA shell
  • 2 mm Polyurethane cushioned mid-layer
  • Soft antibacterial top cover
  • High arch profile with cushioning
  • 4° inbuilt lateral forefoot post
  • 3 mm heel raise

Recommended For

  • Supinated Pes Cavus foot
  • Rigid plantar flexed 1st ray
  • Shock attenuation
  • Mild to moderate supination issues
  • Casual and sports footwear

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