Prescribing Devices

In this section we have outlined our recommended procedures for prescribing our various types of custom and stock products. We pride ourselves on providing expert advice to our clients with respect to the selection of suitable devices. Our team of technicians have amassed years of experience with respect to prescriptions and products. They are always happy to share their knowledge with our clients. This service is not just beneficial to inexperienced practitioners, but rather a service availed by all of our clients. We are constantly expanding our range and this technical support service is one of the primary means of learning about new products.

We have further information on relevant assessments and training videos in our Training Area.

Alternatively, contact our Technical Support Team for prescription assistance. 
Custom Orthotic Device 

Prescribing a custom
orthotic device

Stock Orthotic Device 

Prescribing a stock
orthotic device


Prescribing & measuring
for footwear

Wound Care Device 

Prescribing an
Offloading Device