Prescription Insole

Low Cost Customised Simple Insoles

Prescription Insoles are our simplest form of custom orthotic devices. They are comprised of a base layer of 2mm EVA with optional additional components such as rearfoot wedging, arch pads, metatarsal accommodations and a variety of top covers. These can be easily ordered by sending us a completed prescription form and foot sketch in the post. Sending a foot sketch enables us to place cut-outs more precisely. Insoles can be made to fit non-standard footwear, by either sending an accurate template (preferably the insole or liner from the shoe) or the shoes themselves. Alternatively, you can also supply your prescription over the phone or via email/fax. Prescription Insoles are completed within three days and may also be fast tracked in one day for an additional charge.

A variety of covering materials are available. Thin EVA is perfect for everyday wear and sports performance due to its durability. Suedette is recommended as a thin comfort cover, ideal for those patients prone to blistering. Thin Astro is recommended as a washable cover for sports or where increased shock attenuation is required. The thickness of the covering material changes the whole nature and fit of the insole. An insole with an Astro cover will not fit into a ladies dress shoe. An insole with a suedette cover will not be thick or durable enough in a Wellington boot.


  • Quick and easy to prescribe
  • Cost effective
  • Made to measure
  • Easily accommodated in most footwear
  • Durable
  • Available in children's sizes (discount given on child size 3 and under)


  • Available in ¾, cut to sulci and full length
  • Choice of 6 top covers
  • Non-standard additions can be requested with a sketch
  • No additional cost for any combination of rearfoot and forefoot extrinsic posting


* Additional charge applies

Recommended For

  • Forefoot deformity
  • Mild to moderate rearfoot pronation or supination resistance
  • Shock attenuation


  • Not available with a heel cup
  • Maximum rearfoot wedging of 8°