TCC-EZ Training Day with Dr. Jeffrey Jensen in Merlin Park Hospital

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PPL travelled to Merlin Park Hospital, Galway in June for a masterclass on the use of TCC-EZ with Dr. Jeffrey Jensen. Dr Jensen DPM, FACFAS is widely published, and is a co-author of the important international 2014 off-loading consensus paper, "The Dr. JensenManagement of Diabetic Foot Ulcers Through Optimal Off-Loading - Building Consensus Guidelines and Practical Recommendations to Improve Outcome". JAPMA. 2014 Nov;104(6):555-67. TCC-EZ is a total contact casting system which was designed and developed by Dr. Jensen, who is also the Director of Research at Barry University School of Podiatric Medicine (Florida). TCC-EZ is specifically designed for use by podiatrists, offering a quick (under 10 minutes), clean and easy application. This product incorporates a roll on sock system and outer boot. TCC-EZ offers a workable practical solution to integrate gold standard practices into management protocols and further establish and solidify the podiatrists key role within the Diabetic Team. 
Dr. Jensen with Eileen MartynMerlin Park podiatry department hosted the event which consisted of a two-hour lecture in the morning, followed by an afternoon of demonstration and practical application of TCC-EZ. Dr. Jensen certainly lived up to his reputation as one of the world's leading minds in the Woundcare field. He shared his wealth of knowledge and experience in the area and demonstrated a highly proficient technique of TCC-EZ application. There was also a brief presentation by PPL's Joanne McKenna and Merlin Park podiatrist Eileen Martyn on the results of the very first trial of TCC-EZ in Ireland. Eileen and her colleague Louisa Flynn successfully completed the first trial of TCC-EZ in Ireland, which effectively produced healing within eight weeks. The presentation proved to be very interesting and resulted in high praise from Dr. Jensen for Eileen and her colleagues. The day was a resounding success with the podiatrists in attendance, many of whom have already expressed an interest in using the product in their wound care clinics. We would like to thank all the delegates, David Watterson and all the staff at Merlin Park Podiatry Unit and NUIG, Maeve Kelly MD from DermaSciences Europe Ltd. and of course Dr Jensen for all contributing to this fantastic event. (pictured left Dr. Jeffrey Jensen with Merlin Park podiatrist Eileen Martyn)

Following on from this event, we have decided to roll out further training on offloading. These training days will focus on both theory and prescription of offloading products such as TCC-EZWalkers, footwear and insoles. If you are interested in attending an “Offloading Study Day/Workshop” please complete this survey and we will respond in due course. 

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