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Total Contact Casting

Total Contact Casting is recognized as the Gold Standard of Care for a diabetic foot ulcer. The cast is used to heal diabetic foot ulcers by distributing weight along the entire plantar aspect of the foot. It is applied in such a way as to precisely contour the foot. By relieving the pressure on the prominent areas of the foot, the ulcers are permitted to heal if the cast is applied in such a way that the patient can remain ambulatory during the treatment of the ulcer. 

The total contact cast, when used for the described applications, is a very effective treatment. There are a number of key guidelines to follow when utilising TCC:

  • the foot must have an adequate blood supply
  • the cast must be applied by an experienced practitioner
  • the cast must be changed at regular, short intervals of a week or two

The reason for this caution is that the diabetic who has insensitive feet runs the risk of having other sores or areas of irritation occur under the cast.

For further information on the technique for applying a Total Contact Cast visit our Training Area.









TCC-EZ® is a unique and versatile total contact cast system designed to reduce application time while providing improved healing rates for the diabetic foot ulcer and increased stability and comfort for the patient. TCC-EZ® offers a one-piece, roll-on, light weight, woven design that is faster and easier than traditional total contact cast systems.

  • TCC-EZ® can be applied in under 10 minutes
  • Enforced patient compliance
  • Takes less than ¼ of the amount of time of traditional total contact cast systems
  • Requires minimal training time
  • Lightweight woven design offers a more comfortable fit
  • Allows for customized fit on every application

TCC-EZ® creates a natural healing chamber that allows active wound healing and provides a safe environment for the foot, halting the cycle of the diabetic foot ulcer which could eventually lead to amputation if not treated appropriately.

  • The use of a Total Contact Cast is supported by level I evidence, including numerous RCTs, meta-analyses’ and many consensus documents.
  • The Total Contact Cast has been shown to have 90% healing rates for the diabetic foot ulcer in multiple RCTs with most healing times between 5-8 weeks.
  • A consensus panel of leading experts recommends the Total Contact Cast as the preferred method for off-loading a diabetic foot ulcer, as published in the Journal of the American Podiatric Medical Association, December 2014.

TCC-EZ® compared to traditional Total Contact Casts
(Over 25,000 Diabetic Foot Ulcers in 5 years)

  • 4 times as many patients were casted in clinics using TCC-EZ® than traditional total contact cast systems
  • Enforced patient compliance
  • Significantly fewer signs of infection were observed with TCC-EZ® – The Total Contact Cast group overall was lower than the non-Total Contact Cast as well
  • TCC-EZ® outcomes are comparable or better than traditional total contact cast system

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