Podartis - Training Webinar

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For anyone who missed the Podartis live webinar on the Diabetic Foot, the full video is now available to watch.

COVID-19 crisis has changed our lives and the ways to treat DF patients, especially in those countries who suffer the lockdown period. The close follow-up and patient’s compliance are key in preventing DFU, and one of the main factors is the continuous use of Therapeutic Footwear whole the day, regardless of the patient is at home or outside. 

Nine Key Speakers from the Diabetic Foot Area:

  • Prof. Andrew Boulton
  • Prof. José Luis Lázaro
  • Prof. Carlo Caravaggi
  • Prof. Luigi Uccioli
  • Dr. Kristien Van Acker
  • Dr. Roberto Anichini
  • Dr. Camillo Buratto
  • Dr. Roberto Da Ros

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