New DARCO Offloading & Post-Op Products

Posted by Thomas Twomey on

Following on from last month's Newsletter, we have further new products to announce. We have experienced an increased demand for offloading and post-op products over the past number of years and we have extended our range accordingly.

The DARCO AllRound Shoe is a cost-effective healing shoe with wide opening easy access suitable for the diabetic foot. Soft padded lining and a stable rigid base ensure a secure and comfortable fit. The Nylon fabric upper repels water and soil allowing limited wear outdoors.

This is supplied as a single and can fit both left and right feet. It can be further customised with the PegContour Insole for site specific offloading (see below). By combining with the PegContour Insole, pressure relief of up to 90% can be achieved. 

This insole combines the features of both the PegAssist and Relief Contour insoles into one. The contours adapt to the anatomy of the foot allowing plantar pressure to be redistributed throughout the entire surface area.

As much as 90% redistribution of pressure can be achieved. The removable pegs accommodate site-specific customisable offloading. The pegs can be easily removed with a nail clippers or similar utensil.

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