Technical Support Services

Our technical service team boast a combined knowledge of prescription, assessment, gait analysis, biomechanics and medical knowledge, combined with more than 20 years of manufacturing experience. This enables our technical support team to offer assistance to practitioners on device selection and prescription, for even the most complex of patients. Whilst we cannot actually prescribe devices for our customers we are happy to share our knowledge, and suggestions. We are constantly expanding our range and this technical support service is one of the primary means of learning about new products. Contact our Techncial Support Team for assistance or see our Terms & Conditions page for further details.

Custom Device Prescription Support

Every custom made device order we receive is screened by the technical department and if they require any additional information they will contact you. If you require prescription support you may call our technical support team at any time. Alternatively, you may tick the Technical box in the services section of our prescription forms. We will then hold your order and speak to you about the prescription before proceeding. This service is used by both experienced practitioners with more complex patients and less confident practitioners who are building their prescription knowledge base. In cases where patient compliance or the desired outcome is not achieved, we are committed to working with practitioners to ensure that problems are resolved in a rapid and effective manner.

Stock Product Selection Support

PPL’s Customer Services Team are happy to assist you with the selection of stock products. More complex queries will be redirected to our Technical Support service. Patient-specific custom devices may be recommended as a more suitable alternative. Our Technical Team can be contacted directly by phone or via email. See our online prescription guides for further assistance.

Alteration & Refurbishment Review

Our Technical Team reviews each device returned for alteration/refurbishment and guarantees a rapid, four-day turnaround once instructions are confirmed. Our experienced Technical staff determine the type of alterations required, cost of alteration and review whether the alteration qualifies for our complimentary comfort adjustment. Certain alterations may be complex or entail compliance issues. In this instance, it may be necessary for the Technical Team to contact you before any changes are implemented. See further details of all adjustment and alteration services below, under Custom Device Services.

Training & Education Services

Our Sales, Marketing and Education Team ensure our customers are aware of all our services and products via training courses, customer visits, online training guides, email, website updates and attendance at conference trade shows. Please see our Education area for more information on the wide variety of services available or contact our Sales Team directly.

Customer Visits & Training

Our Sales and Education Team conduct visits to clinicians to present our product range and to outline our training programmes. We offer training on product selection, prescription form completion and on our ordering process. During customer visits, we also cover casting, sketching and some basic assessment/prescription techniques. We primarily recommend our training courses for customers seeking to learn assessment and prescription protocol and to help refamiliarize customers with current procedures. Visits are generally 1-2 hours in duration and can be undertaken by lone practitioners or by groups of up to six practitioners. Customer visits can also be organised for larger groups where we recommend allowing for a minimum of 2 hours.
As a result of Covid-19 restrictions, PPL's Sales & Marketing Manager, Thomas Twomey, has been providing the bulk of training online via video chat. Thomas has a BSc. in Sport Science and an MSc. in Biomechanics and is our in house product specialist. If you are interested in a product training session with him, please follow the link to register your interest.

Factory Visits

We are always happy to show our customers around the factory, stores and offices. This is a great way to see the complexity of the manufacturing process, as well as meeting the team behind the products. This is particularly useful for more experienced practitioners who are interested in learning more about orthotic design principles and protocols. We now have a new in-house training room which can accommodate larger groups, where we can run training courses for 15-20 people.

Online Training

We have a comprehensive library of easily accessible online videos and step-by-step guides to assist practitioners with assessment, product selection and prescription writing. Educational updates, research updates and news articles are also regularly posted on our website. Please see our Education area for more information.

Marketing Support

Our Sales and Marketing Team ensure that customers are regularly updated via email, brochures, social media and our comprehensive website. They can also assist customers with images and customised forms for their own marketing activities.

Biomechanics Courses

We have been running post-graduate education programmes across Ireland for the past twenty years. We also regularly host events and courses with international guest speakers, which have included Howard Dananberg, Bill Vincenzino and most recently Dr. Jeffrey Jensen. We also run courses tailored to the needs of specific organisations such as the HSE and Special Interest groups, where we design and present a bespoke programme. Visit our Courses page for further information.

Custom Device Services

Standard Turnaround Times & Fast Track

We pride ourselves on always being on time. We endeavour to deliver within our standard turnover times. A Fast-Track service is also offered for priority orders. An additional charge is applied for this Fast-Track Service, which can be requested by ticking the Fast-Track Service box in the services section of our prescription forms. See chart below for further details. The turnaround clock commences on complete orders that are received prior to 10 am on a given day. We will dispatch orders on the final day of the allocated turnover. Please allow time for your orders to get to us and one day for delivery to you. Times are guaranteed only on the basis that we have received all the information required to complete the order, see our Terms & Conditions page for further details.
Product Type Typical Turnaround Time
Prescription Insoles 5 working days 
Carbonflex Devices 5 working days 
Alterations & Refurbishments 5 working days 
CAD CAM Casted Orthoses 10 working days 
Handmade Casted Orthoses 15 working days 

Complimentary Comfort Adjustments

Our Complimentary Comfort Adjustment is available on all PPL Custom Made Devices. This enables practitioners to return any custom made device for minor comfort and/or posting alterations, at no charge, within a three-month timeframe. Minor comfort adjustments are made to improve fit and to make the device more comfortable for the respective patient. This may include minor trimming of length/width and any alteration which can be made without removal or damage to the top covering. This precludes changes to the manner of posting, length of device, top covers or alterations to any additions applied to the top surface of the device, namely midfoot/forefoot pads, cushions or lifts.
Any devices sent back for alteration or refurbishment must be in a reasonably hygienic and repairable state. All device alterations will change the aesthetic of the device. Please see our Terms & Conditions page for further details.

Alterations & Refurbishments

The Technical Team determine the type and cost of alterations and whether or not the alteration falls under our complimentary comfort adjustment service. As alterations can at times be complex and associated with compliance issues, it may be important for the Technical Team to contact you before going ahead with any changes. The cost of the alteration or refurbishment depends on the amount of work required. If requested we will contact you with a price before we proceed. We are willing to alter devices not manufactured by PPL, however an additional charge will be applied and we disclaim any liability relating to these devices. 

Any devices sent back for alteration, adjustment or refurbishment must be in a reasonably hygienic and repairable state. The materials used will be as similar as possible but may not replicate the original material. All device alterations and adjustments will change the aesthetics of the device. See our Terms & Conditions page for further details.

Special Fitting Service

Our Special Fitting Service affords patients the opportunity to have custom devices returned uncovered for a trial fitting period. These devices may subsequently be returned for further alteration and finishing. This service allows for two adjustments over a six-week period. Postal charges apply in this instance. This service is of particular use for patients requiring complex midfoot/forefoot additions. An additional charge is applied for this service which can be requested by ticking the Special Fitting Service box in the services section of our prescription forms. For HSE customers we can also charge this service with post included to allow for easier quotations and billing. Contact our Customer Services Team for accurate pricing information.

Further adjustments to the device, or extensions of the allotted trial period will incur a further Special Fitting Charge. Alternatively, an alteration fee will be charged as appropriate. This service does not apply to any adjustment which manifestly changes the nature of the device. This includes changing the model of device, device length etc. For the standard service, postage will be charged for return of devices to the practitioner. Any device returned for alteration, adjustment or refurbishment must be in a reasonably hygienic and repairable state. All device alterations and adjustments will change the aesthetics of the device. See our Terms & Conditions page for further details.



Regular customers of custom orthotic devices are rewarded with our loyalty discount scheme. Repeat orders of custom products are also subject to discounts. Discounts are applicable on exact duplicates of an original order within a specified period. Discounts are also available for single device and children’s devices where the shoe size is adult size 3 and under. See our pricing page for further details.


Delivery & Collection Services

Courier Delivery

All PPL goods are dispatched using a traceable signed courier service to ensure parcels reach our customers on time. Our couriers provide a next day delivery service throughout Ireland and a two day service for the UK. See our Delivery page for full details.

Order Turnaround Time

Stock product orders are dispatched from our warehouse on the next working day. In the event that we are out of stock of a product you have ordered, we will contact you that day and inform you of the expected delivery date. 

Times are given only on the basis that we have received all the information required to complete the order. We reserve the right to delay order processing or dispatch of goods if there is information missing.

Weekly Deliveries

Upon request our customer service team can organise a weekly delivery to your clinic. We can hold your orders and dispatch together on a predefined day of the week to save on shipping charges. Significant savings can be made by opting for a once or twice weekly delivery. See our Delivery page for full details.

Courier Collection

For your convenience we can arrange for our courier service to collect a package from your clinic on an agreed date. This has proven a very popular choice with our customers as it eliminates the time-consuming task of going to the post office. See our Collections page for full details.

Prepaid An Post Labels

We can provide our customers with prepaid An Post business reply labels to send us their parcels within Ireland. Prepaid An Post labels can be applied to any box, parcel or envelope and returned to us via the post office. We invoice these labels based on the weight of the package upon receipt as calculated by An Post. 

Complimentary Mailing Boxes

We can supply complimentary cases of 25 flat-packed cardboard boxes to assist you with sending us your casts/foam boxes. The dimensions of these boxes are 14" x 9" x 4.5", and will generally accommodate just 1-2 sets of casts.