Orliman Valfeet XR

Stabilising Ankle Orthosis

Single | Left/Right


This stabilising ankle orthosis is designed to immobilise and protect the ankle in the rehabilitation phase. It features medial and lateral polypropylene struts, which provide protection and stabilisation of the ankle. The 3/4 length polypropylene base plate is articulated to the mediolateral struts by a dynamic hinge, allowing normal ambulation during active rehabilitation. 


  • Medial and lateral polypropylene struts
  • 3/4 length polypropylene base
  • 2 adjustable Velcro fasteners
  • Soft interior padding
  • Dynamic hinge articulation with optional screw fixing
  • Accommodated in most footwear

Recommended For

  • Ankle immobilisation and protection
  • Active rehabilitation of ankle injuries

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