Orliman Tobiplus | 2.0

Lace-up Ankle Stabilising Support

Single | Universal


The Orliman Lace-up Ankle Stabilising Support features medial and lateral support plates and a high tension elastic figure-of-eight cross strap, making this a highly supportive ankle brace. Soft lining and a padded tongue beneath the lace ensure optimal comfort. Fits comfortably in most footwear types.


  • medial and lateral stiffening support plates
  • lace-up system with padded tongue
  • mediolateral figure of 8 cross straps (1 elastic, 1 non-elastic) with Velcro fastening
  • high density Velour foam and a breathable POROMAX lining
  • easily accommodated in most footwear types
  • soft padded lining
  • hand washable

Recommended For

  • treatment of acute and chronic ankle injuries
  • protection and stabilisation of the ankle joint
  • post-surgical management
  • high level of support for sports performance

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