Orliman Multi-Positional Rehab Splint

Single | Universal


The Orliman Multi-Positional Splint is an adjustable positioning device used in the prevention of lower limb deformities for bedridden patients. This device is designed to keep the lower limb in a suitable position post hip / knee surgery. The high-density polyethylene shell facilitates adjustable levels of dorsi/plantarflexion in 10° increments at a range of 60°, and inversion/eversion in increments of 15°. A triangular positioning plate can be added as required to prevent patients rolling over in bed. Three adjustable fastening straps with soft padding ensure a secure and comfortable fit.


  • high-density polyethylene shell
  • adjustable dorsi/plantarflexion in increments of 10°
  • adjustable inversion/eversion of 15°
  • 3 adjustable fastening straps
  • universal left/right fitting
  • soft comfortable padding
  • washable breathable cotton lining

Recommended For

  • lower limb positioning
  • prevention of deformities for bedridden patients
  • adjustable level of ankle flexion
  • post-surgical use

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