Express PF Night Splint

Express PF Night Splint

PF & TA Rehab Night Splint

Single | Universal


The Express PF Night Splint is a night/resting orthosis which applies a graduated stretch to the TA, plantar fascia and calf. Adjustable side straps allow for the customisation of the ankle dorsiflexion angle. The cushioned shin and foot pads provide protection and stabilisation of the foot and ankle.           


  • durable thermoplastic shell with a padded foam liner
  • forefoot/heel wedge supplied for graduated adjustment of ankle angle
  • 3 cushioned straps to secure to leg
  • 2 side straps for increased dorsiflexion stretch
  • non-slip foot plate for limited indoor ambulation

Recommended For

  • night/resting ankle foot orthosis
  • graduated stretching of the TA, plantar fascia & calf
  • protection and stabilisation of the foot and ankle
  • adjustable level of ankle flexion

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