Orliman HAV Comfort Night Splint

Toe Alignment Splint

Single | Left/Right


The Orliman HAV Comfort Night Splint is a toe alignment splint used to immobilise and protect the 1st MPJ. This splint features a breathable honeycomb fabric lining, a soft Hallux pad and three fastening straps, providing a secure and comfortable fit.

A malleable aluminium abductor splint maintains a stable and protected position for the Hallux. This device is suitable for post-operative wear and as a night splint for HAV correction.


  • sold as a single
  • breathable honeycomb fabric lining
  • malleable aluminium abductor splint
  • 3 adjustable fastening straps
  • soft pad for Hallux protection
  • easy to fit
  • hand washable

Recommended For

  • 1st MPJ immobilisation
  • post-surgical stabilisation and protection

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