Orliman Conex HAV Splint

Bunion Splint

Single | Universal


The Conex HAV Dynamic Splint is a toe alignment splint used to immobilise and protect the 1st MPJ. A low profile design, in conjunction with highly elastic materials, make this a suitable device for wearing in footwear for dynamic use.

The sleeve wraps neatly around the midfoot, attaching with a Velcro fastener. A separate elastic crossover strap is wrapped around the Hallux, before attaching to the midfoot sleeve. Soft gel padding cushions the Hallux while also preventing harmful abrasions.


  • sold as a single
  • adjustable figure of 8 toe strap
  • soft padded linings
  • easy to fit
  • accommodated in most footwear
  • hand washable

Recommended For

  • 1st MPJ immobilisation
  • Hallux Abducto Valgus (bunions)
  • Post-surgical stabilisation and protection

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