Optima CL Heel

Plantar & Posterior Heel Offloading Boot

Single | Universal


The Optima CL Heel is a plantar and posterior heel offloading sandal. It features a heel offloading rocker sole which facilitates an efficient and consistent gait. A posterior shell cut-away eliminates the risk of pressure and friction at the posterior heel and lower calf. Four adjustable Velcro straps and heat mouldable side panels ensure easy access and a secure fit.

This boot comes equipped with the Optima CL Heel Insole, a 3 layered EVA Puzzle insole with an additional EVA base monolayer. It facilitates customised offloading of the plantar surface of the foot.
red = low density
beige = medium density
blue = high density
white = monolayer


  • heel offloading rocker sole
  • shock attenuating and durable Polyurethane sole unit
  • posterior shell cut-away
  • 4 adjustable Velcro straps
  • universal fitting suitable for left and right
  • heat mouldable side panels for customisation
  • breathable and washable upper

Recommended For

  • plantar and posterior heel ulcer management
  • Achilles tendon wound management
  • pressure relieving and offloading

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