DARCO Relief Dual

Forefoot Offloading Shoe

Single | Universal


The DARCO Relief Dual is a temporary stabilising shoe with added shock attenuation which may be used for offloading foot wounds or post-op rehabilitation.

It may be worn on the left or right side and it is compatible with the Darco Peg Contour Uni insole for targeted offloading.

The "Dual" sole combines the benefits of an EVA shock absorbing material and the anti-slip features of rubber. 


  • Lightweight, shock attenuating, and slip resistant sole
  • Rigid shank extending the entire length and width of the shoe
  • Low profile rocker sole
  • Universal fit may be worn on either the left or right foot.
  • Compatible with Peg Contour Uni & Relief Contour Insole
  • Optional toe cap

Indications For Use

  • Simple instant option for offloading plantar and digital foot wounds
  • Provides a temporary stable and shock absorbing shoe after surgical procedures
  • Wide adjustable opening to accommodate bulkier dressings

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