DARCO WCS | Sandal

Full Foot Healing Sandal

Single | Left/Right


The DARCO Wound Care Shoe is recommended for the treatment of open and closed ulcerations and other conditions of the foot in which it is desirable to redistribute weight away from specific areas. The circumferential counter of the shoe forms a deep pocket in the sole to permit the use of a variety of insoles under the ulceration or area of pressure. The insole material is placed below the level of the top of the circumferential counter. This provides greater stability for the foot by preventing the layered insoles from shifting within the shoe.

4 Layers of Customisable Insoles

  1. PINK - 6mm Contoured self moulding medical grade Plastazote
  2. BLUE - 3mm Poron type material
  3. WHITE - 6mm Low Density EVA (42A Shore)
  4. ORANGE – 6mm Medium EVA (50A Shore)

Insoles will not slip forward due to raised  circumference lip in sole unit.



          • Double rocker-bottomed sole
          • Leather upper
          • Includes customizable insoles
          • Replacement “four-layer” Insoles available
          • Easy entry and room for bandages
          • Sold in singles (left or right)

          Recommended For

          • At-risk sensitive foot
          • Off-loading of wounds and ulcerations
          • Postoperative phase after toe and/or forefoot surgery
          • Pressure redistribution
          • Assists a normal heel-to-toe gait pattern

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