DARCO Posterior Splint

Protective Positioning Splint

Single | Universal


The DARCO Posterior Splint is comprised of a firm plastic shell lined with high resiliency foam. The splint is available in three angular positions (90°, 90° Plus and 110°). This allows the caregiver to provide individual stabilization to the patient appropriate to the indication. The splint is light weight for easy use and anatomically formed to create an optimized fit. At the same time, it is inherently stablewithout being too rigid.  Hook and loop strips along the back of the splint allow for slip-free, secure bandaging. The soft, closed-cell foam liner offers the patient a comfortable fit, even when used for longer periods of time.

Sizing Chart

 Size Foot Section Calf Section
Small 265 mm 340 mm
Medium 295 mm 370 mm
Large 325 mm 400 mm

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