DARCO Body Armor Heel Reliever

Suspension Boot

Single | Universal


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The DARCO Body Armor Heel Reliever is a Suspension boot designed to protect the patient’s foot and lower limb while in bed or resting. The heel is cut away to specifically assist in the prevention of heel ulcers and deep tissue wounds and it has a soft, smooth nylon exterior to move “on the sheets and not on the feet".

The DARCO Body Armor Heel Reliever may also be used to protect the contra-lateral limb when wearing a total contact cast. Click here for application instructions

Available in two types of foam, smooth or convoluted

Smooth foam
The smooth foam version was developed especially for sensitive skin. This is particularly suitable for diabetes patients.

Convoluted foam
The convoluted foam design results in better air circulation and, thus, ensures a pleasant cooling effect.


  • Tricot backing aids mobility and safety
  • Can be washed at 60° or autoclaved
  • Internal padding suspends heel with a visual opening for easy inspection
  • Universal – may be worn on left or right side
  • Accompanying detachable wedge to support the limb and reduce excessive movement

Recommended for

  • Heel ulcers and pressure wounds
  • Braden pressure-sore scale of 17 or less
  • Prolonged Immobility
  • Haemodialysis patients with a history of ulceration


Consult with the Vascular team before applying immediately after lower limb re-vascularisation surgery.


Click here for full visual instructions for effective use.

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