Footwear Height Balancing Device

Single | Universal


Evenups offer a quick and easy strap-on approach to equalising sole height for patients wearing offloading wound care shoes, walker boots and total contact casts. This device works with almost any footwear style and comes in 3 sizing options. The Evenup is adjustable and can provide between 1.3 - 2.1 cm additional lift to the shoe.


  • Evenup improves balance and gait by eliminating leg length differences
  • Promotes walking with a balanced gait pattern
  • Lightweight rubber outer sole doesn't add bulk to the shoe
  • Two-layered outer sole is adjustable to add 1.3 cm or 2.1 cm to the bottom of the shoe
  • Simple to strap on in seconds - works with any shoe
  • Non-skid bottom


  • Small 4-6 (37-39) = Sole Length 25cm-28cm
  • Medium 7-9 (40-43) = Sole Length 29cm-32cm
  • Large 10-13 (44-49) = Sole Length 33cm-37cm

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