Augmenting Paediatric & CDNT Clinical Biomechanics Skills

Who Should Attend?

Are you working in paediatrics or paediatric disability in the HSE or with a voluntary body?

Would you like to increase your knowledge & skills in screening and assessing pediatric lower limb biomechanics?

Would you like to improve your confidence and skills in prescribing stock orthoses  for common patient presentations?

Would you like to understand more about when to refer, intervene, monitor or leave alone?

Do you enjoy learning from practical workshops?

Then this practical training course is designed for you.

Course Prerequisites: Applicants should hold a medical qualification of Level 7 (equivalent or above) with a core musculo-skeletal component such as a BSc. in Podiatry or Physiotherapy.

"The fact that I expanded my expertise to cover both pediatric and adult populations, while successfully transitioning from private practice to the public sector, showcases the practical and versatile application of what I've learned from this training,"

 Afeefa Ashraf MISCP, Senior Physiotherapist CDNT, CHO8

 Why You should attend? 

  • Learn by Doing: This hands-on program focuses on foot assessment, posture and mechanics and the link to overall kinematic function encompassing theory and practical hands-on assessment.
  • Interactive Learning: Collaborate with fellow practitioners, engage in group discussions, and receive personalized feedback. The application of practical interactive training can help demystify some of the complexity associated with prescribing foot orthoses while learning in an active, engaging process. 
  • Multidisciplinary Tutors: Our tutors are healthcare professionals with years of practical clinical and teaching experience


What will I learn? 

In this course, you will learn how to:

  • Determine if and when orthotic therapy maybe beneficial and prescribe stock devices where appropriate
  • Understand typical lower limb development from birth to adulthood 
  • Understand the principles of lower limb mechanics and function
  • Undertake a foot and lower limb biomechanical assessment 
  • Identify pathological gait patterns and standing posture
  • Utilise screening tools to assist in selecting management pathways
  • Confidently assess and manage common low tone and flat foot presentations and other common paediatric & juvenile presentations
  • Prescribe stock foot orthoses other orthotic solutions where appropriate
  • Advise on appropriate footwear selection
  • Identify referral criteria and appropriate MDT pathways


 Course Details :

 Dates: Tuesday 28th & Wednesday 29th May 2024 

Venue: The Osprey Hotel,  Naas, Co. Kildare

Times : Day 1 - 9.00 to 5pm, Day 2 - 8.30 to 4.30.

Cost : This 2 day course costs €600 per delegate.

Included : Lunches, refreshments, car parking, training tools and course notes.

 For queries please contact us at 


Are you ready to take your Biomechanical Assessment skills to the next level? 

This Hands-On practical training course is designed to provide you with a dynamic learning experience that goes beyond theory and equips you with real-world orthotic device prescription writing expertise.


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