X-Line Pressure Perfect

Pressure Relief for Sensitive Feet

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The X-Line Pressure Perfect is a cushioned-supportive, pressure insole ideal for people and patients suffering from diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, poor circulation and general ageing that can cause loss of soft tissues under the feet


  • Special cushioning top cover material
  • Heel cradle and midfoot contour supports and protects the foot by reduce heel and forefoot pressures
  • Full-length and can be quickly and easily trimmed to fit most comfort shoes
  • Combination cushioning and support protects vulnerable feet from abnormal heel and forefoot pressure
  • Helps keeps you moving in comfort for longer

Recommended For

  • At-risk, sensitive and diabetic foot
  • Pressure reduction & shock attenuation
  • Pain in feet due to arthritis
  • Active older feet

Shock Absorbing

Originally designed to meet the mechanical challenges of the high risk foot, this low profile, contoured surface provides ultimate comfort and benefits to all users. Pressure Perfects’ shock absorbing properties have widened its usage to include many sporting and recreational activities including walking, hiking, running, racquet and multi-directional sports where supportive cushioning adds to performance.


Laboratory Proven

The Pressure-Time Integral (PTI) describes not only the pressure at a specific point on the foot, but how long that pressure lasts at that specific point. Pressure Perfect was designed to reduce pressure at the forefoot, where many diabetic foot ulcers occur. Our test showed that in prescribing Pressure Perfects, we were able to reduce PTI by between 22% and 39%!

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