X-Line PF

Plantar Fascia Pain Device

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The X-Line PF Plantar Fascia pain device is designed to provide pain relief and aid healing of the plantar fascia. Arch and midfoot support, with an integrated low recess to the 1st MPJ assist the windlass mechanism. A small cushioned heel recess perfectly positioned at the plantar attachment point also reduces pressure and irritation. The plantar fascia is stressed throughout the stance phase, but mostly during the drive or terminal stance phase of gait. The purpose of the lateral forefoot skive is to delay loading of the forefoot and contributes to preventing forefoot splay.


  • Full length
  • High density EVA shell
  • Bonded soft cover
  • Low metatarsal dome
  • Low 1st met recess
  • Cushioned heel recess

Recommended For

  • Plantar fascia pain
  • Windlass failure
  • Heel pain
  • Mild to moderate pronation issues
  • Casual & sports footwear

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