X-Line DJD

1st MPJ Dysfunction Device

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The X-Line DJD is a low-cost option for patients suffering from hallux deformities and poor ankle dorsiflexion. An inbuilt rigid rocker-sole assists with propulsion, while the 1st met recess and low met-dome assist normal 1st ray function for patients suffering from hallux limitus.


  • Medium density EVA
  • Standard heel cup
  • 3mm heel raise
  • Inbuilt rigid rocker sole
  • 1st MPJ recess
  • Low 2 - 4 met dome
  • Slim fitting

Recommended For

  • Osteoarthritis in 1st MPJ
  • Painful hallux limitus
  • Painful hallux abducto-valgus
  • Loss of metatarsal rocker due to ankle dorsiflexion issues
  • Fits most casual footwear

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