PU Total Contact CAD CAM Orthoses

Total Contact PU

Low Density Functional Orthoses

Total contact devices aim to reduce peak pressures by redistributing loads across a wider area, thus minimising tissue breakdown. This custom device is made from medium density polyurethane which offers very high levels of impact resistance. Its structural memory ensures rapid return to its original shape after loading. Can either allow the foot to sit in relaxed calcaneal position or in heel vertical position. This is an ideal option for a close fitting cushioned orthotic device for patients suffering from osseous deformities, diabetes or arthritis.


  • Superior impact resistance
  • Excellent shock attenuation
  • Structural memory
  • Elastic recoil and energy returning properties
  • Durable and high load-bearing capacity
  • Moisture wicking
  • 1mm EVA or 3mm cushioned top cover options

 Recommended For

  • Severe pes planus
  • Osseous deformities
  • Post foot ulcerations and post-op
  • Comfort device for lighter patients
  • Rheumatoid and juvenile arthritis


  • Not suitable for hypermobility
  • Not suited to heavy patients