Salford Insole Blue

Firm & Durable Device

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Salford Insoles are highly durable, washable, slim fitting yet highly supportive devices. Research at the University of Salford has proven their ability to control foot pronation. The device’s topside contours with a slightly higher than standard arch, maximising both comfort and contact to hold the foot in a neutral posture. The underside slim contouring makes it ideal for harder to fit footwear such as football boots and wellingtons. The highly durable material and absence of top cover makes these easy to clean, suitable for harsher environments and odour control.  All Salford Insole devices are customisable with Salford Insole Additions

Salford Insole Blue (Firm) device offers greater durability and pronation control for heavier and harder wearing patients. Also available is the Salford Insole Orange (Flex) which offers more flexibility for sports.


  • Full length
  • Durable polymer shell
  • No cover for easy cleaning
  • Stabilising heel cup
  • Slim contour for enhanced fit
  • Compatible with Salford Additions

    Recommended For

    • Moderate pronation & instability issues
    • Casual & sports footwear
    • Work boots, Wellingtons & Football boots

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