Push Ortho AFO

Single | Left/Right


The Push™ AFO offers a unique solution for foot drop. The Push™ AFO allows active dorsiflexion of the ankle, whilst limiting plantarflexion. The strapping and rigid lightweight posterior shell prevents plantarflexion. The flexible sole plate facilitates ankle dorsiflexion and a foot orthotic can be accommodated on top of the foot plate. In addition, the orthosis offers lateral stability to the ankle joint. At night the Push AFO can be used as a night splint.


  • Non-elastic diagonal straps support straps
  • Elastic compression straps
  • Lightweight fibre glass shell
  • Flexible foot plate
  • Velcro™ fasteners
  • Slimline design
  • Sold as a single 
  • Available in left or right

Recommended For

  • Foot drop
  • Rehabilitation of ankle dorsiflexors
  • Accommodation of foot orthosis
  • Ankle instability
  • Severe flat foot

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