Podoflex | Custom Handmade Casted Orthotics


High Density Functional Orthoses

Our most popular handmade device, Podoflex is a functional orthoses made from very high density EVA. This close-contact device provides excellent support for hypermobile feet. Its shock attenuation properties make this device a great option for rigid pes cavus feet. This is available in three shell colour options and a variety of top covers. Podoflex is the equivalent of Evolve from the CAD CAM range.


  • Very high density EVA shell
  • Highly durable and shock attenuating
  • Functional/accommodative foot orthoses
  • Flat base for stability
  • Close contact device

Recommended For

  • Pronation/supination control
  • Hypermobility
  • Post-op/ post fracture
  • Casual or sports footwear
  • Enhances proprioceptive feedback
  • Closely cradles osseous deformity


  • Not suitable for slim fitting footwear
  • Not suited to very heavy patients