Orliman Paediatric Supramalleolar AFO 1.0

Stability Orthosis for Hyper-Pronation

Single | Left/Right


This AFO is a low-cut foot & ankle stability device which allows normal ankle plantar flexion and dorsiflexion, but prohibits pronation & supination. The extension covering the malleoli provides enhanced stability to a foot orthosis, and the low profile design is still easily accommodated in footwear, compared with a traditional AFO.


  • Low-profile thermoplastic rigid exterior shell
  • Soft flexible polyethylene interior shell
  • 2 adjustable straps
  • Soft EVA pads for the midfoot and forefoot
  • Trimmable foot plate

Recommended For

  • Restricts excessive rearfoot pronation & supination
  • Facilitates normal ankle plantarflexion & dorsiflexion
  • Low tone & hypermobility issues
  • Balance & co-ordination issues


It is recommended to choose a size that leaves approximately 1cm of space
between the end of the orthoses and the foot.

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