Orliman Boxia Calf Support | Black

Boxia Drop Foot AFO Accessory

Single | Universal


This Calf Support is designed to enhance the support provided by the Boxia Drop Foot AFO by transmitting forces further up the limb. This Y-shaped strap attaches around the proximal calf, extends distally along the anterior tibia and attaches to the Boxia Drop Foot AFO. This support is manufactured with perforated material to assist ventilation. Available in both black and beige.

* This product consists of the foot attachment only. The Boxia Drop Foot AFO is required for this product to function.


  • Y-shaped strap with Velcro fasteners
  • perforated material to assist ventilation
  • hand washable
  • available in both black and beige

Recommended For

  • foot drop
  • lower limb paralysis
  • assists normal gait ambulation
  • suitable for use with most footwear types

Also available in Beige

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