DARCO Relief Dual with Toe Cap

Single | Universal


The DARCO Relief Dual is an offloading shoe which assists stability and reduces pressure on the foot following foot surgery. The updated rocker sole unit features an increased surface area of the rigid shank, extending all the way to the proximal end of the shoe. This helps to maximize pressure redistribution while effectively immobilising the 1st and 5th MPJs and the distal 1st and 5th IPJs. The easy to fit toe cap accessory allows  conversion to a closed toe shoe.


  • Protective enhanced offloading/post-op shoe
  • Dual layered EVA and rubber sole provides maximal shock attenuation and durability
  • Impact & slip resistant rocker sole with rigid shank extending the entire length and width of the shoe
  • Rocker apex position 55% and rocker angle 10°
  • Strong heel counter
  • Lightweight, durable and high-quality materials
  • Breathable mesh upper
  • Adjustable hook and loop ankle strap
  • Hook & loop front panel for full adjustability
  • Hand washable
  • Removable EVA Insole
  • Open toe design with toe cap accessory
  • Compatible with PegAssist & Relief Contour Insole
  • Universal - Fits Right or Left
  • Men’s and ladies’ specific last fittings

Recommended For

  • Enhanced forefoot offloading
  • Rocker sole design assists a normal heel-toe gait pattern
  • Stability, shock absorption and pressure relief after surgical procedures
  • Accommodation of bulky dressings
  • Wearing over a cast
  • Suitable for diabetic or post-op use

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