Aortha EVA | A65 High | Black | 3mm

3mm hard A65 EVA used for heel raises and shoe lifts

Single | 3mm | Sheet 1m x 80cm


High quality 3mm Black EVA foam sheeting with a high shore hardness of A65.

Sheet Size: 3mm x 1m x 80cm

Sheet cut for easy/economical delivery.

Aortha EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) is commonly used in Orthotics, This versatile closed-cell foam is lightweight, shock absorbing and very hard wearing.

Aortha EVA retains its shape well, reflects body heat and boasts an impressive life span. This skin friendly foam is toxic-free, washable, heat mouldable, grindable and can be fine sanded to create an exceptional finish.

3mm A65 high density, EVA foam sheeting, is often used for used for heel raises and shoe lifts.

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