Private Clinic Account

Private clinic accounts operate on a business to business "on account" basis where customers make one monthly payment for all invoices over 30 days old.

Order Process

Account holders or other authorised prescribing practitioners working within the clinic can place orders for any of our products. When goods are dispatched they will be accompanied by a delivery note and Invoice, detailing the names of the prescribing practitioner, and if relevant the patient name and custom device reference. The invoice will be billed to the private clinic account. A statement will be issued by email on the last day of each calendar month and the account holder will be expected to make one monthly payment for all invoices over 30 days old.

New Accounts

New accounts can be set up by medical practitioners who own or manage private clinics by completing the Private Clinic New Account Application Form. Account holders can then request that other prescribing practitioners can order products on this account, the name of the practitioner who has prescribed each product/placed each order will be listed on both delivery notes and Invoices.

Prices of Goods & Delivery

Goods will be charged in accordance with our trade price list and prices displayed on our website. All orders due out on the same delivery date will be bundled and dispatched together and just one delivery charge of €5.50 will be charged for each bundled parcel or box (up to 25kg). Customers opting for a weekly delivery service will ensure even better savings on delivery costs.

Credit Terms

Private Clinic Accounts operate as standard under 30 days credit terms. Statements are issued by email on the last day of each calendar month, and settlement of the account of invoices over 30 day old is expected within a week. Late paying customers are subject to Interest charges. Interest at a rate of 5% will be applied to all invoices which are more than 60 days old, at the end of the month on the day statements are issued


Most account holders choose to pay their monthly account payment via bank transfer, our bank details are printed on all invoices and statements. However, we can also take payment in the form of cheque, credit card, debit card or cash.

Terms & Conditions

We are committed to working with private clinic account holders where accounts fall into disorder due to late payment, as we understand from experience that most businesses at times experience cash flow issues. Normally a repayment plan agreement can be arranged that will be practical for both PPL and the account holder. However, accounts will be placed on stopped goods if the agreement is breached or account holders do not respond to our communications. Account holders who are continually in breach of our credit terms and repayment agreements will have their accounts suspended and changed to Proforma Accounts where payment will be expected in full before any goods are dispatched. To cover the additional administration costs of processing payments as orders are dispatched, rather than one monthly payment, all Proforma accounts will also be invoiced using the Patient Pay Direct Price List. In the event of a breached repayment agreement, where we believe the account holder does not have an intention to settle the account within a reasonable timeframe we will employ the services of external debt collection agencies.