Placing Orders - Patient Pay Direct Account

Patient Pay Direct (PPD) Accounts

HSE practitioners can prescribe our products for their patients who opt to pay for the products themselves. Once your patient has paid for the products, the products are delivered to you in your clinic for fitting, accompanied by a receipt for payment.

In compliance with the Medical Device Regulations

We are happy to

  • Accept and process orders from medical practitioners
  • Deliver products to practitioner clinics for fitting
  • Accept payments from patients

Unfortunately, we cannot 

  • Accept orders or any other instructions from patients
  • Deliver orders directly to patients

 Practitioners can send us their prescription forms, sketches and casts and we can hold the order until the patient has paid for the products. Practitioners simply need to tick the “Hold Until Payment Received” box in the practitioner information section of the prescription form. We will log and store the full order details for up to six months.

To make Ordering easier use our

  • Reference our website to identify Product Codes & Name
  • Reference our Patient Pay Direct Price list for Pricing and Delivery Charges
  • Complete the form, give your Patient a copy and send the form to us
  • Our Customer Services team will log your order, and activate the order once payment is made by the patient

Request PPD Prescription & Payment Instructions Forms
Request a Trade Price list


Placing an Order - Patient Pay Direct Account

  • Orders for Stock Products are accepted and processed on receipt of
    • Stock Product Prescription - from a practitioner
    • Payment from the Patient
    • Send us your Stock Product Prescription on a PPD Prescription & Payment Instructions form, and we will hold your order until we receive payment from the patient
  • Orders for Custom Made devices are accepted and processed on receipt of both
    • Custom Made device Prescription and Design File 
    • Payment from the Patient
    • Send us your Custom Made device Prescription and Design File, and a PPD Prescription & Payment Instructions form, we will hold your order until we receive payment from the patient

    Price and Payment - HSE Patient Pay Direct Account

    Trade prices do not apply to Patient Pay Direct accounts. Prices are higher to cover our additional costs and risks in processing small consumer payments.

    Patients can make payments over the Phone by Debit or Credit Card.

    Email our Customer Services Team to request a Patient Pay Direct price list

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