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HSE Account

Requisitions & Quotations

You may be asked to provide a HSE Requisition or Quotation to organise an official HSE Purchase Order for your orders. The HSE and the National Financial Regulations define a Low Value order as under €250 and a PPL Quotation is not required.


Single Patient (Low Value) Order Requisitions

The HSE may require you to provide a Requisition for funding containing details of the Product Codes & Names, Patient Name, Pricing and Delivery Charges.

To make Requisitions easier use our
  • Reference our website or Trade Price list to identify Product Codes & Names, Pricing and Delivery Charges
  • Complete the form and forward alongside other requirements to the relevant HSE review committee, manager or purchasing department.
Request Single Patient Quotation Forms
Request a Trade Price list



On request our Customer Support Team can provide Quotations for larger orders
Request a Quotation


Placing an Order

  • HSE Purchase Orders for Stock Products are accepted and processed on receipt, you do not need to place the order with us.
  • Orders for Custom Made devices are accepted and processed on receipt of both
    • Custom Made device Prescription and Design File 
    • HSE Purchase Order
    • Send us your Prescription and Design File, and we will hold your order until we receive a HSE purchase order. Patient Name is a requirement for Medical Device Regulation compliance

    HSE Purchase Orders

    To avoid unnecessary delays and resolve queries quickly HSE Purchase Order should contain the following

    • Stock Product Details
      • Product Code, Name, Size, Price and Quantity
      • All this information can be found on our website
    • Custom Made Device Details
      • Device Type, Practitioner Name, Patient Name and Device Price
    • Practitioner & Delivery Details
      • Practitioner name, contact number and/or email address
      • Department or service name, full delivery address and delivery contact number
    • Order Progression and Invoicing Details
      • Purchasing officer name, phone number and/or email address
      • Full Invoice address

      We do not deliver our products directly to patients, in compliance with the Medical Device Regulations.



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