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HSE Patient Pay Direct Account

A Patient Pay Direct account allows patients to pay for products themselves, when they have been prescribed by practitioners working within the HSE. 

These accounts work on a Proforma “Payment up front” basis, and use the Patient Pay Direct Price list which is inclusive of delivery charges, VAT and a payment handling levy. Order details can be given to us in advance, and the order will not be activated until payment from the patient has been received. The prescribed products and receipt for payment are delivered to the HSE clinic for collection and fitting. Please note whilst we can take payments from patients directly, in line with HPRA medical device regulations, we can only take orders or other instructions directly from medical professionals.

New Accounts

New accounts of this sort are generally set up on request by a manager or senior working within the HSE clinic. New  medical practitioners names can also be added to our prescribing practitioners list by request. Practitioners can instigate a new account by contacting us to set up an account. The Patient Pay Direct Price List will be applied to all accounts where goods are paid for individually by patients or practitioners.

Order Process

We recommend practitioners use our complimentary carbon copy Patient Pay Direct Prescription & Payment Instructions Form to administrate these orders quickly and easily. The form can be used to place the order with us, instruct your patients on how to pay and the total to be paid, whilst also informing them of what will happen next.

When completed the Patient Pay Direct Prescription & Payment Instructions Form will give us all the information we need for  stock product orders, however for custom devices additional information is required. Practitioners can send us their prescription forms, sketches and casts and we can hold the order until the patient has paid for the products. Practitioners simply need to tick the “Hold Until Payment Received” box in the practitioner information section of the prescription form. We will log and store the full order details for up to six months.

The Patient Pay Direct Prescription & Payment Instructions Form details how patients can pay by either calling our dedicated Patient Pay line with a credit or debit card, or by sending us a cheque or postal order. Practitioners should use the Patient Pay Direct Price List to complete the total to be paid on the Patient Pay Direct Prescription & Payment Instructions Form. The order will be activated when full payment has been received. Patients will have the opportunity to pay at any time within 6 months of the order being placed. The goods will be delivered to the nominated HSE clinic for collection and fitting. Receipts rather than delivery notes are sent with the products for practitioners to pass onto their patients.

Prices of Goods & Delivery

Goods will be charged in accordance with our Patient Pay Direct Price List. The Payment Handling Levy is applied, as our trade prices are based on a business to business type arrangement, where our customers such as the HSE and private clinics are invoiced on account, and then pay us the balance on the account at the end of every month. Taking individual payments directly from patients requires significantly more work and time for both our office and accounts departments. Please note the prices displayed on our website are trade prices for business customers only.

Delivery to your clinic is included in the prices listed on our Patient Pay Direct Price List. However, we recommend that HSE clinics group their deliveries, by asking us to organise a weekly delivery to your department. We can dispatch all your orders due for that week on a nominated day. This would cost just €5.50 per week, rather than being charged for each individual parcel sent to the department. We will still request the €5.50 inclusive charge from each individual patient who pays, but we will only charge your account with the delivery charge of €5.50 once a week. The extra credit accrued will sit in your Proforma Clinic account to cover consumables and other prescription costs incurred by your department for prescribing. For example requiring a change of size/type of stock product and requiring an alternative to be posted to you, or the alteration and postage of a custom made device. The money held on the account can pay for these prescription issues. Similarly it may be used to purchase temporary chairside devices, wedges, heel raises or components, which again are an integral cost of being a prescriber.

Credit Terms

HSE Patient Pay Direct Accounts work on a Proforma “Payment up front” basis credit terms. Statements can be issued by email if requested for accounts which may have a credit balance due to savings from weekly deliveries.


Patients can pay by calling our dedicated Patient Pay Direct line with a credit or debit card, or send us a cheque or postal order through the post.

Terms & Conditions

Whilst we can take payments from patients directly, we cannot take orders or alteration instructions directly from patients. All our products require a prescription from a registered medical practitioner. PPL is an industrial factory and we are not insured to have patients on our premises. For health & safety reasons, please ensure your patients DO NOT visit us for payment collections or deliveries.

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