Customer Promise

Our Customer Promise is to continue delivering excellence to retain our customers’ trust and loyalty. ​We value our customers’ business and will strive to keep it.

We pride ourselves on understanding practitioner needs and the challenges they face in managing their varied and complex patient profiles. While being ahead of the crowd in terms of education and product design, we have always taken a very practical, rational and cost effective approach to product selection. James still runs the original clinical practice, which helps to keep our feet firmly in the real world. We understand that our customers are busy people requiring fast and efficient service. Our staff endeavour to deal with every situation with a friendly and courteous manner.

Some of our key customer promises are:

  • Quality of Service

    • We will be easy to contact, easy to work with and efficient.
    • We will listen and provide courteous and friendly customer service.
    • We will resolve any issue which has affected our customers, in a timely manner.
  • Quality of Products

    • We will continue to stock a wide range of quality off-the-shelf products.
    • We will continue to manufacture quality custom-made orthotic devices.
  • Quality of Technical Support

    • We will offer professional, technical, experienced and patient centered advice.
    • We will continue to offer evidence & research based educational services.
  • Trustworthy, Responsible & Ethical

    • We are reliable and trusted to protect your and your patients’ personal data.
    • We are responsible and ethical as employers, manufacturers & medical professionals.