DRAFT Custom Made Special Services

Fast Track Service

Our typical turnaround times are between 5 and 10 working days. If your patients need their devices sooner, opt for the Fast Track service of 3 to 5 days for an additional fee.  Turnaround times are guaranteed assuming that your order instructions are confirmed on the first working day the order is received. 


Product Type Standard  Fast Track 

Prescription Insoles / Carbonflex Devices / Alterations & Refurbishments

5 days * 3 days *
Casted Handmade & CADCAM Orthoses 10 days * 5 days *

 * Working Days, Monday to Friday excluding Bank Holidays & other closure days

How to Order?  Tick the Fast Track Service box on the prescription form

Comfort Adjustment Service

Some patients’ custom made devices may need adjusting. You can get a free adjustment service on the devices we make within a 3 month timeframe from receipt. 

  • Adjustment to extrinsic posting and wedging
  • Trimming down of device length or width
  • Reducing height of heel cups and borders
  • Removal or trimming of heel raises
  • See Alteration and Refurbishment Service for all other adjustments

How?  Send your devices and instructions to us.


Alteration and Refurbishment Service

Extend the lifecycle of your patients’ devices with our alteration and refurbishment service.

  • You’ll always get a quote for approval before refurbishment begins
  • Cost depends on the work needed
  • Devices must be reasonably hygienic and repairable
  • Materials used may not exactly replicate the original, but will always be of equal quality
  • Non-PPL devices can be altered for an additional charge

How?  Send us your patients’ devices and your instructions


Special Fitting Service

More complex conditions often need non-standard additions to patients’ devices. You can offer your patients a trial fitting of an uncovered PPL device. This includes

  • 6 week trial period
  • 2 returns for adjustment and/or final covering
  • Postal charges applied separately

How?  Tick the Special Fitting Service box on the prescription form


Fitting to Footwear Service

All types of footwear can be fitted with custom made devices. Get the perfect fit for your patients’ footwear by following these steps:

  • Order PPL’s medical grade footwear alongside devices
  • Include a footwear template, drawing, or insole giving the internal shape of the shoe

You can even send us your patients’ footwear and the custom device order for fitting. Their property will be protected using our in-house customer property tracking system.


Repeat Prescription Service

Save time – and money – on future orders with our repeat prescription service which is available for most custom made devices.

  • Your prescriptions, sketches, and digital scans can be stored for 5 years
  • Your patients’ plaster casts are stored for 1 month, but we can return them to you by request
  • Discount for multiple pairs ordered at once and repeats of certain devices within a specified period.


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