Modular Polyproylene Insole Kit



The X-Line Vectorthotic is a modular insole kit which provides a customised solution without the need for casting. Each kit contains a polypropylene composite shell, top covers and a range of clip-in rearfoot and forefoot posts. The wedges are supplied with glued backing, which can be easily heated for stronger application. The top covers come with a self-adhesive strip for easily sticking on to the shell.     


  • Polypropylene composite heat mouldable shell
  • Soft bonded top cover with a low metatarsal dome
  • Standard heel cups
  • Clip-in rearfoot & forefoot posts
  • 2°, 4° & 6° rearfoot wedges
  • 2° & 4° forefoot wedges

Recommended For

  • Customised pronatory / supinatory control
  • Casual and sports footwear

Compatible With

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