Vasyli Footprint | Easyfit

Medium Density EVA Device



The Vasyli Footprint Easyfit is a 3/4 length medium density device which is easily accomodated in most casual footwear. The original Vasyli device designed in 1987, the Footprint is one of the most popular devices within the Vasyli Medical range. An intrinsic rearfoot medial post provides moderate rearfoot control. It is uncovered making it easily cleanable. 

Save up to 45%

The greatest savings are achieved when bought in bulk packs of 10 in the same length, size and density (FIXED BULK). 


  • 4° intrinsic rearfoot medial post
  • Bulk discount available
  • Heat mouldable
  • No top cover (easy to clean)
  • Customisable with Vasyli Additions

Recommended For

  • Mild to moderate pronation resistance
  • Low to medium natural arch profile
  • Heavy-duty use (farming, construction etc.)
  • Casual, work boots and sports footwear

Compatible With

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