Alter-IT Self-Adhesive Components

Temporary Orthotic Component

12 Pairs


Available to purchase in bags of 12 pairs, these self-adhesive, low-profile pads can be easily applied to customise a temporary insole. 

2-4 Metatarsal Dome Pads are used for digital neuritis, mortons neuroma, callous or pressure points over the 2nd/3rd/4th met heads. They can also be used to mobilise Hallux Limitus & Plantarflexed 1st Rays. 

2-5 Varus Metatarsal Bars are often used for mobilising Plantarflexed 1st Rays and Hallux Limitus, or mild soft tissue forefoot inversions. They will also offload the 2nd-5th Metatarsal Heads.

Heel Cushions are suitable for providing an additional layer of cushioning at the heel. However, they compress over time and are therefore unsuitable as a heel raise.

Arch Pads should match the height of your patient's arch non weightbearingYour aim is to cradle the arch of the foot NOT to raise the arch.

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