Optima SBi Motus 2.0

Heat Mouldable Full Foot Offloading Boot

Single | Universal


The Optima SBi Motus is a full foot high rocker offloading boot with a fully rigid shell and a heat mouldable liner. It is a very stable and comfortable boot suited to patients requiring maximal pressure offloading in the post-op or ulcerated phase. The sole unit can be replaced with the optional post-op rocker for patients requiring less offloading.

This full foot offloading boot comes with a Puzzle 3x3 insole, non-removable system, single-use straps (that favour non-removability) and a protective sock.


  • Removable fully rocking sole
  • Removable rocker
  • Adjustable strap fixing system
  • Removable and thermoformable liner
  • Rigid anterior protection for tibia
  • Customisable locking system

Recommended For

  • Diabetic ulcer offloading

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