Latex Components

Temporary Orthotic Component

5 Pairs


Available to purchase in bags of 5 pairs, these low-profile pads can be easily applied to customise a temporary insole. These are not supplied with an adhesive strip. We also sell rolls of self-adhesive tape separately.

2-4 Metatarsal Dome Pads are used for digital neuritis, mortons neuroma, callous or pressure points over the 2nd/3rd/4th met heads. They can also be used to mobilise Hallux Limitus & Plantarflexed 1st Rays. 

2-5 Varus Metatarsal Bars are often used for mobilising Plantarflexed 1st Rays and Hallux Limitus, or mild soft tissue forefoot inversions. They will also offload the 2nd-5th Metatarsal Heads.

1st Met Cut-Out Pads are often used for mobilising Plantarflexed 1st Rays and Hallux Limitus. They will also offload the 1st Metatarsal Head. They are 5mm thick and taper down.

Arch Pads should match the height of your patient's arch non weightbearingYour aim is to cradle the arch of the foot NOT to raise the arch.

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