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Heelift Suspension Boots are designed to protect the patient’s foot and lower limb whilst in bed or resting. The heel is cutaway to specifically prevent heel pressure ulcers. However, they are extensively used to protect high pressure areas in the rest of the foot and lower limb. Also useful for patients wearing Total Contact Casts for protecting the opposing limb. Smooth foam design is ideal for patients with oedematous legs as it will not create “impressions” on the leg. They can be washed (60°C) or autoclaved for sterility. The Heelift Glide has a soft, smooth fabric cover which allows the leg to “glide” from one side to the other so that it does not get caught on the bed sheet or cover. Patients can easily turn in bed. Available in 3 sizes (Paediatric/Standard/Bariatric).


Sizing Chart

Calf Circumference

9 inches (23cm) from floor

Heelift Glide Petite: 6 – 10 in (15 – 25 cm)
Heelift Glide Standard: 10 – 15 in (25 – 38 cm)
Heelift Glide Bariatric: 15 – 23 in (38 – 58 cm)



  • friendly tricot backing aids mobility and safety
  • can be washed (60°C) or autoclaved for sterility
  • internal pad completely suspends heel
  • ventilation holes for increase comfort
  • easy on – easy off
  • can be worn on right or left foot
  • the external soft, smooth nylon “moves on the sheets and not on the feet”
  • forefoot strap for additional support

    Recommended For

    • prevention and the healing of heel pressure ulcers
    • patients suffering from large / small vessel disease
    • diabetic foot syndrome and decubitus
    • braden pressure-sore risk scale of 17 points or less
    • sedentary diabetic patients with neurological sensory deficit
    • foot pulse not palpable
    • prolonged immobility or coma

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